Another happy customer! Tony Demarco www.tonydemarcomusic.net

Tim Cummings and I were featured in an article on Mountain Piping in the 45th issue of Piping Today.  Below you can see examples of the work that I have done for him.

Tim Cummings: “Music and Fiber: It all comes down to that!” http://www.timothycummings.com/

Bench Art for Tim Cummings

Handmade felt on a felted pullover for Tim’s woodland decorating scheme

See articles about Rose Diamond’s work at the blogspot for the Marshfield School of Weaving at www.marshfieldschoolofweaving.blogspot.com

Kate Smith of Eaton Hill Textile Works/Marshfield School of Weaving and Rose Diamond

Greg Sharrow of Vermont Folk Life Center admiring Rose’s work which was completed during her four month study.

“Rose’s Roses in Offset Rows”

“We all stood in the kitchen last night oooing and ahhhing at the beauty of Daphne’s Legacy Yarn and feeling the special meaning it has to us. Thank you so much for your art and heart… and from all of us, keep up the amazing handwork.” -Kristina Stykos

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