Rose Diamond (formerly known as Karen Sutherland) performs on her own and with many groups in the U.S. and abroad. She has been called a singer of “extraordinary range and power”.

In her latest recording, “The Flower of August”, her wealth of experience with traditional forms shines through in her original material.

Art Edelstein of the Times Argus gives both “If Ever I Have Had A Friend” and her new album, “The Flower of August” ,  the “Tammy Award” for best folk albums of the year for 2011.

A native Vermonter, Rose has been involved with singing and music making as performer and educator since way before the advent of laptops and cell phones.

She has a crisp, old fashioned Yankee drive on piano when accompanying dance tunes.

No stranger to town hall pianos of all shapes and sizes, her favorites are still the waltzes.

Listen to a few of the tracks from Rose’s albums below:

[mp3-jplayer tracks="Golden-Slumbers-Sweet-Rest-at-Blanket-Bay.mp3, Got-You-On-My-Mind.mp3, Youve-Been-A-Friend-To-Me-If-Ever-I-Have-Had-a-Friend.mp3,Harrison-Town.mp3, 02-Track-02.mp3"]

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