Journey Cap

A Journey Cap- lovingly made from all hand processed and Handspun fiber by Rose Diamond and imaginatively knit with wools gathered from field and fen while Rose and Pete Sutherland were visiting and sharing music in the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania – Romania, in Connemara, Western Ireland, the Champlain Valley, Vermont, USA; with Camel down and Cashmere from the reindeer herders of Mongolia, brought as a special gift from Sas Carey to benefit Common Thread Cultural Connections through folk music and art.

Each year since 2004 when the folk art organization Common Thread Cultural Connections was founded, Rose Diamond has collected raw wool while traveling around Transylvania as well as at home in Vermont, and prepares it, carding and spinning it into Common Thread. Then blankets or rugs or other garments are made as a symbol of the cultural exchange that is being woven with communities engaged in the exchange.



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