Common Thread

Common Thread Cultural Connections was an arts organization whose main purpose was to make cultural connections through folk music and art.  We worked to connect otherwise disenfranchised populations in care facilities with the wider community and educated youth through experiences as traveling arts ambassadors in contact with peer groups in their own community and in other countries, and in service in care facilities through  their artistic performance. We helped them to come to an understanding of place within their own culture.

We had been an affiliate of the Willowell Foundation until June 2008.  Since that time, a documentary film has been created with much input by the teens that went on the first Common Thread Cultural Connections Youth Exchange and shown to enthusiastic response throughout the ‘Greater’ Champlain Valley and in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania (Transylvania) to many of the venues who have been touched by the Common Thread outreach.

Transylvania remains a region where sustainable agriculture has continued as an unbroken tradition.  For this and many other reasons it has become a good place to mirror for our young people ways that they may be inspired to embody their own cultural heritage.

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